Scarlett Johansson – The ‘Other’ Woman

scarlett-johansson-globes-02gScarlett Johansson has emerged as the next hot thing. She is a big favorite among even the geek crowd especially at Digg [2540 diggs and counting] or Reddit. Submit a story related to Johansson and see it rise to the front page in no time. Among all the anorexic wannabes, she is seen as a the real buxom woman. Heck, even the industry took note when Esquire magazine nominated her as the Sexiest Woman Alive. The teaser asking readers to guess who it would be before the revelation had the Internets buzzing and although most got it right, there wasn’t one disappointed male. Her err…assets were widely discussed as one reporter even managed to do the impossible and created a wave of jealousy. Justin Timberlake seems to have attracted some ire as well as it is rumored that he is getting cozy with Johannson after breaking off with Cameron Diaz [thanks celeb.magazines at cashier lines]

But the real question [or not] is can she act? My brother would say, who cares. Jenna Jameson, the erstwhile pron star has even recommended Johansson to play her character in the upcoming movie on her life, How to Make Love like a Pron Star. Johansson has reportedly agreed to bare all if the right role came along. But that isn’t the point of this post.

Recently, I have seen three Johansson movies, Match Point, The Prestige, and The Black Dahlia (don’t watch it, please) and strangely in all the movies, Johansson plays a similar character i.e. that of the other woman. She starts off as been shown attracted or associated with one male character and by the time the movie is halfway through, she has expressed interest or acted upon her fascination for the other male character. Why is that?

She has a beautiful smile but at the same time, you sense that there is a sadness behind that smile. Is it for real or just an illusion because you have seen her in similar roles? By no means are the above movies her only claim to fame; she has done plenty of other movies [although a SpongeBob Squarepants movie doesn’t really count]. The above mentioned movies are the ones I have seen recently and depicts her in prominent roles. I understand that the Girl with a Pearl Earring also had a similar premise.

Any ardent Johansson fans care to elaborate?


  1. hmm..turning into a gossip column, are we? ;)

    BTW, that ‘gropy reporter’ was in fact the designer Isaac Mizrahi whose ‘designs’ you’ll often find in Target. And did u notice that the video you linked said ‘it’s okay if he does that because he’s gay’ :O My gossip mags tell me SJ wasnt too happy about it..

  2. Sqrl, hehe. Was expecting that ‘accusation’ bt was merely looking for a reason to mention Ms. Johansson on this blog. All links believe it or not, were last minute searches for context but you don’t believe it, do you?

  3. errr…..not sure if I am ‘ardent’ – but I do like SJ. Can’t elaborate either why she does the ‘other woman’ roles, except that she does do well as the sultry femme fatale (Match Point). I just watched her in Scoop (review shortly) in a different role and she was competent – not great.

  4. Bongo, but don’t you think she is overdoing the femme fatale bit? She just might get stereotyped. Haven’t watched Scoop…didn’t hear good things about it. Will rethink after your review.

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