1. Dude,
    Isn’t there a famous Dada Kondke movie by that name?

  2. Santosh, is there? Damn! I wasn’t aware but I can totally expect it from him.

  3. I’ve heard of it never seen it. It could just be an urban legend.

  4. Santosh, there are plenty of such double entendres associated with Kondke; the most famous being – Bai, var chadha (remove the comma) and Patlachya Poori la fridge hava (last two words can be replaced by free zava).

    Sorry, only those who understand Marathi will get this.

  5. err.. what’s really wrong with “Prem diwas”? As bad as “love day”..

  6. Twilight, nope! you didn’t get it. Never mind, it’s a man joke :)

  7. Oh I couldnt decipher ur marathi joke obviously..but hindi of “love day” didnt sound suggestive to me… else I would have caught it.. (have a tendency to :p )

  8. Twilight, incidentally it means the same in Hindi as well…specifically Bambiya Hindi. Never mind, I can’t explain and the mazaa is already gone. But, don’t say “I would have caught it”…made me smile.

  9. I think I did quite catch that then! the joke I mean :) u pervert!

  10. Twilight, heh. Woh toh hum hai!

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