Mouse Art

I haven’t gone all Jackson Pollack but care to guess how I created this seemingly piece of art in just over an hour? It may look all chaotic but it has a method to its madness. IOGraphica is a fun and awesome tool that tracks your mouse movement on the screen. You install it, let it run in the background, and go about your business. The application traces a path of your mouse with black lines. The black dots represent the place where the mouse was stationary for longer periods of time.

I created this on my MacBook Pro and as you can make out, my dock is on the left. The Mail app is on the top left and middle left are where my Twitter and NetNewsWire app resides. The top right black dot is where my ‘Send to Pukka’ bookmarklet resides. How is this useful? Well, not much really but then not everything you install on your computer is. Or for that matter, most of what you install is for fun.