Threatening to Quit

Remember it was social mobility that made America great—the ability to earn and get ahead. If Congress continues to buy votes at the expense of social mobility we will no longer be a great nation. The truly rich will stay that way but many "Henrys" (high earners, not rich yet) like me will quit. We may be only a small percentage of the population but we pay a large portion of the taxes and employ many. If you take the incentives away you will lose Henrys.

I love reading such rants but I would like them more if 'Henry' had written this AFTER he had quit. Threatening to quit because of high taxes is just drama; at least try and emulate your hero John Galt, and I will truly admire you.


  1. If they actually quit, they are stupid, not principled. “Principled” is not something you do sans facts.

  2. I like your John Galt comment. Won’t it be nice if this Henry just vanishes in the valley somewhere without making a fuss of it:)

  3. @Rhucha: Considering the number of Atlas Shrugged references I have seen at Tea Party events, I sometimes wonder if they have even read it. It is definitely longer than the Constitution that they cite as a standard for all legislation.

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