We moved to Austin on a Friday. Our realtor took care of hiring the make-ready cleaners and carpet steam cleaners and put the house on the market on the following Tuesday. We waited patiently for an offer and turned out that we didn’t have to wait that long. We received a low-ball offer on Friday but we stuck to our list price. Finally we relented a little to drop the price by about a thousand dollars and the buyer agreed at 5pm Friday. Boom! Just like that within 3 days, our house was sold.

Talk about a recovering housing market! Anecdotal evidence but still that was too quick. If we had known, we could’ve done some things differently with our move or even with the listing price. But that’s all in hindsight. Probably us moving out and having a fresh coat of paint made all the difference! The sellers (and the seller’s agent) aren’t privy to the buyer’s lender appraisal unless it appraises for less so we’ll never know if our realtor priced it right.

Of course, it isn’t that easy. The buyers would hire a home inspector, request repairs, wait for the lender to order an appraisal, and then finally close on the house. The inspection turned up zilch. After all, the house is just over 3 years old. They asked us to replace the backdoor that had a doggie door. We refused. That didn’t change things. The painters had messed up few electric outlets so we had to call in the electrician to fix them. But that was it. The buyer was financing only half the sales price and fronting the other half with cash. That’s always a good thing since in that case, no appraisal or financing issues will surprise us later. We got a hefty earnest money deposit so we were assured that they buyer was serious and not just shopping around. Earlier, we were slated to close on June 21st but we’ve requested for an earlier closing date to aid our house hunting efforts in Austin.

More on that later because that wasn’t or rather isn’t so convenient.