Stifling Free Speech

Apple recently won a round in its lawsuit to shut up Blog voices under the defense that websites, much less blogs did not constitute "legitimate members of the press" and thus do not enjoy the rights of free speech. After all who remembers that bloggers shared the pressbox with mainstream media journalists at Democratic and Republican Conventions. The website(s) in question that Apple found objectionable posted "rumors on unannounced Apple products". If you know how the rumor mills on Apple products run, then you will know that this happens all the time. Apple just lost lot of love and you don’t want to piss off bloggers. My problem is that if they consider those sites so insignificant, then why bother paying them attention at all? Are any of your webcasts or website announcement less valid than paper versions? More at Wired.

In response some influential bloggers from right and left have cobbled together an Online Coalition to persuade the FEC to consider bloggers as an legitimate voice in the media. If you are concerned, go and sign the online petition. If you are not concerned, read on.

You might think why should we as Indians be bothered, who anyways reads our blogs? I regret to inform you that you might not be as oblivious as you might think you are. Mediaah! – the watchdog blog on Indian media is dead; thanks to the Devil’s blatant efforts to exercise control over free speech. The posts that the Devil found objectionable and wanted Pradyuman to delete have been archived here; thanks to someone. (you decide for yourself if these "harmed my client’s goodwill and reputation", and more importantly if is justified in control of your criticizm). Read the letter that the Devil’s Advocate sent to Mediaah. It is pretty hilarious for all the omnious language. You might suspect Pradyuman was out to kill the Devil himself.

Too bad we don’t have Jivha around to see him as one more post in his Slimes of India Chronicles. I see no difference in the Devil’s action and Apple’s efforts to stifle free speech. Buggers!!!


  1. Hi Pat, check out this blog in Times blogging portal.

    Good move

  2. Chenthil – I am glad Quetzal is using Times’ blogging site to rant on their nefarious activities…now the question is can they shut down blogs on their server???

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