Rajshri offers Free Online Hindi Movies

Our source of Hindi movies apart from the Bollywood theater in Houston is the local desi store where we can buy/rent (pirated?) DVDs. It is virtually a gamble hoping for a good print since we cannot check it in-store. Moreover, the declining quality of popular Hindi movies has turned us away even more. And the independent small-budget movies that draw critical acclaim rarely reach this small college town as the desi store owner prefers Salman-Govinda movies rather than Vishal Baradwaj movies. This makes us look for options online.

The reliability of online Bollywood (Hindi) movies is extremely low. I have long bemoaned the lack of legal options to purchase and view digital Indian content, be it entertainment or otherwise in spite of the fact that there is a burgeoning market all over the world. I’m not even talking about the music market.

Rajshri Films, the producer for Hum Aapke Hai Kaun, has finally leveraged this market demand and is now offering digital downloads and streaming options for Hindi movies. Filmoholic has an excellent post looking at various options in digital distribution of Indian movies. Rajshri has an interesting model. If you choose to stream the movie online, it is free. On the other hand, if you wish to download the movie to watch later, you have to pay anything from $4.99 to $9.99 for standard quality movies. Rajshri also pioneered the experiment of released a movie online simultaneously with its theatrical release. The movie, Vivah although was panned by critics and audiences, managed to sell over 6,500 downloads all over the world. Their catalog currently contains around 600 movies, 200,000 audio tracks, 10,000 music videos, and 3000 ringtones apart from TV shows and channels.

Apart from movies from the Rajshri stables like Hum Aapke Hai Kaun, Maine Pyaar Kiya, etc. they have other classics like Amar Akbar Anthony, Chit Chor, Abhimaan, Bombay to Goa, Abhimaan, and many more. The choice of movies ranges from old B&W classics like Dosti to the latest, Manorama Six Feet Under. Considering that even ordering from Netflix takes at least 4-5 days if not more, streaming a movie online would be a better option. I checked the quality and it seems acceptable. Of course, you cannot watch it full-screen but there is no such thing as a free lunch. You can purchase a download and watch it full-screen.

I just don’t agree with their download policy. We can watch the movie over a three-day period after which the movie will ‘expire’. And you can’t burn a copy on DVD either. Now if I have purchased a movie, I wish to have complete control over it. I wouldn’t want my purchased DVD to self-destruct after couple of days. If they are afraid of piracy, I’m sure they can encode each download with an identifier which they can track to the consumer if need be. But I guess, in an age of limited options, this is a decent start. I’m sure with increased demand, Rajshri will offer DRM-free downloads. Until then, we have to suffice with watching movies online on our computer screens.


  1. Try bharatmovies.com – almost every new release seems to spring up there, and stays there for a while. I think bwcinema.com and bollygrounds.com (the latter one is littered with popups though!) are also decent options to try out. bwcinema.com has probably become our staple diet to check out movies, and at 3.99$ unlimted 3 day trial, doesnt beat it. Of course I am not sure how “legal” they operate though hehe :)


  2. Supremus, whoa! Thanks. I’m not really a big fan of ‘illegal’ streaming sites due to bad quality and reliability (Part 1 works but part 2 doesn’t). I rather pay or wait for a good quality print.

  3. patrix,

    online streaming is mainly only for ‘older’ movies. the latest releases are not free.

    the amount you pay ($4.99 – $9.99) are not to own the movie — Rajshri labels it as ‘download-to-rent’ movies. the DRM is provided by Brightcove.

    Another site is the Reliance owned http://www.bigflicks.com
    which follows a similar model too.

  4. Pranav, the latest movies may not be for streaming yet but I’m sure with greater demand they might open up that option too. I know the download policy sucks.

    I checked out the Big Flicks site but it is based on Netflix model and not for downloads/streaming.

  5. I doubt if rajshri will stream new movies. After all, their biz model revolves around the ‘download-to-rent’ feature.

    when you go to bigflicks.com, select broadband..then you’ll be able to browse through all the movies…and then view most of the old movies in their collection.

  6. Pranav, ah! Got it. I clicked on the other option. I agree that Big Flicks option is much better; at least for new movies. I guess, Rajshri is better for old movies that you want to watch but not necessarily buy.

  7. hi where can i find good quality pron online with out regestering

  8. I haven’t tried Rajshri for a whole movie yet – once I realized how tiny they were, my bifocal-sporting self was sure of a headache.

    Have you looked at Jaman.com? They have 80 or so Indian films, I think, including many from the NFDC that aren’t available elsewhere. Three free rentals (to watch on your computer using their player) when you sign up, then $2 or $5 to buy after that. What I like most is that in the player you can turn on a comment feature to leave comments for future viewers and read those from past viewers (which can include the director in some of their international indie films). I watch a lot of my Bollywood by myself, and sometimes the comments make it more fun. (Jaman has movies from various corners of the globe, too, so it’s not just a South Asian site.) Very legit.

    Sorry I sound like an ad. (I did used to work for them when they were in beta mode.) I really like it, though, and I’m firmly with you on wanting to look for (and support) legal options.

  9. Rajshri is one of the best website on which classical old movies are viewed. I think from one lakh persons  one or two are interested to see new releases which doesnt have any motive any moral only vulgarity, violence and dance that too not satisfied are viewed and forget but oldies are memorable not only yesterday, now, today and tomorrow and in future.
    Full movie Azaad 1951 of Dilipkumar,Meenakumari is not getting released on any channel. It is a crime to unrelease goldies of Azaad and aryali aur Raasta, and some of the movies like shola aur shabnam of 1961 are blocked and more hatred from all viewers for all channels is not good.

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